Build Up ‘Bone Bank’ With Olive Oil

by | Sep 29, 2020

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Out of four adults, one is severely affected in osteoarthritis; you will be amazed to find the whole statistic, which is over 54 million people. Twenty-four million adults are restricted to limited physical activities. The ratio is not expected in the context of another bone-related disease. An unhealthy lifestyle is one of the main reasons for this situation get the Best Olive Oil Suppliers in UK.

Olive oil is a prime source of dietary fat in the Mediterranean diet. Research suggests that this region contains a lower rate of cardiovascular disease in relation to other parts of the glove. Olives rich with fatty acids and antioxidants have significant health benefits. Monounsaturated fatty acids are a source of ‘good fatty acids’ which caters potential health benefits. It is already proven to prevent cardiovascular diseases; however, in comparison to cardiovascular health, the research regarding the benefits of bone health is less practiced. Recent studies have found that extra virgin olive oil and other substantial tree product can fight with age-related bone loss.

Olive oil is responsible for producing osteoblasts cells that form and consolidates bone structure. It is not only about age-related bone problems. Consumption of olive oil as a part of your daily diet can reduce the tendency of bone-related disease. Women tend to have fewer bone minerals than men. A study had been initiated to track the health report of people who consume olive oil, and green olive daily has acquired superior bone density. This study has also related that olive is a healthy source of anti-osteoporosis intervention food, that is perfectly suited for the elderly.

How olive oil repair and reform bone density?

Bone density is regulated by three-layered bone cells, that is, osteoblasts for building up bone, osteoclasts for resorption, and finally the mediator, osteocytes. Generally, the human body is capable of resorption; however, needs stimulation to form bone organically. Deficiency in the sex hormone is one of the significant reasons for osteoporosis. Bone mineral density is correlated with oxidative status in the human body. Omega-3, fatty acids, curcumin, is demonstrated as anti-inflammatory properties and producing antioxidative. Food enriched with olive and olive oil is associated with level up bone formation.

We need to make sure to build up good bone health for future days. It’s a matter of time. Of course, there is a number of medications available; however, nothing like inherently possessing solidified bone density. There is no doubt in saying that olive oil has many more health benefits. Even it is healthier than other vegetable oil, even butter. Nutritiants recommends olive oil and olive over other vegetable oils.

When to build bone density?

The most vital age of building up bone health is adolescent, make it a habit of consuming olive oil as a salad dressing or choose another way of having it. Good bone health comes with, good exercise, vitamin D, leafy vegetables, etc.

To sum up

Diet supplemented with 50g extra virgin olive oil, for consecutively eighty days can prevent the decrease of femoral, diaphyseal, and metaphyseal bone mineral density. Consuming green olives, olive oil and it’s by-products is essentially healthy for the heart and bone protective agents. This is completely supported by researches and studies.


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