The Stefanoudakis family in crete produce over 15,000 litres of pure natural golden olive oil every year.

Our collection is handpicked, infused, bottled and marketed by us we would like to assure all of our customers of the highest standards with every bottle because when life gives you olives, “every olive counts”.

At The Olive Architects we design and harvest our luxury high quality extra virgin olive oil from the beautiful island of Crete, Greece

Crete is well known for producing some of the best tasting olive oils in the world.

Our single estate olive oil is handpicked by us in our horafi fields in the village of Anoskeli, located in west Crete.

We aim to offer not only a premium quality extra virgin olive oil but one with a taste to enhance any dish, whether its meat, fish, risottos, vegetables or simply to dip your bread in to.  Using this as a dressing will take any of your food creations to the next level of superiority with just a drizzle.

The turn around from picking our olives to the cold press is a matter of hours this is done in our village Anoskeli at the local winery, we’re in love with quality olive oils and believe we are connoisseurs in the field.

History & Our Personal Journey

Our olive trees were planted nearly a century ago by my Papou (Grandfather) Manolis Stefanoudakis, with the intention of his 3 Sons each having their own plot of land to harvest and live from the Olive trees, I am the son of his youngest son and I took it upon myself to harvest the olives for the first time with my wife in Autumn of 2017 whilst living in the village and getting married in Crete. We now have an even deeper appreciation of our olive oil and are very passionate of sharing it with you. Our harvesting journey was an unforgettable experience full of challenges, laughter, falls & on completing full of pride.

‘Every olive counts’

To share working day in and day out in the garden behind our house in the Cretan mountains was phenomenal and one reason why we can’t wait to harvest again.