Olive and Olive Oil Prevent Skin Cancer

by | Sep 22, 2020

Olives are now a part of or daily diet. Have you ever wondered how olive oil and green olives are beneficial for the skin? Olive oils are rich with multi-functional health benefits. Starting from preventing heart disease to scaling up our bone density, no other vegetable oil can stand with olive. Nutritiants are love with olives and recommend it for their clients’ health benefits.


Best Olive Oil Suppliers in UK | Olives are riched with antioxidants and Vitamin E 


Apart from consuming olives for much healthier organs, olives can do wonder for your skin and hair too. Pick up a quality sun’s screen lotion; you will find olives in the ‘product used’ part. Organic health and skincare brands nowadays incorporating healthy olives in a variety of skincare range. Interestingly, you will find applying organic olive oil can prevent you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. UV rays are a significant reason for skin cancer. All your skincare suns screen has UV rays protection. Though most of the skincare products are filled with harmful chemicals that are more capable of affecting your skin tissues than the UV rays.


Why olives and olive oil is best for skin?


Recent studies suggest that olives and olive oils are significantly affecting to protect your skin from sunburn and skin cancer. Olive oil contains oleocanthal that has anti-cancer activity. When your skin cell is filled with inflammatory ingredients, you are exposed to acquire skin cancer. Olive oils are rich with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory actions that not only protect the skin from harmful UV rays but also cure inflammation. It reduces DNA damage of the skin cells. Vitamin E and polyphenols protect skin from skin cancer; olives have them both.


How to use Olive or olive oil for protecting skin?


There are typically two ways, either by consuming olive directly or by applying olive oil when you are exposed to the sun. The former should be a persistent choice, while the latter can be customized at your convenience. When you have green olive and olive oil, you came up with more significant results. Olive oil has more benefits than skin protection. Olives are rich with fatty acids that are suitable for your bone health and heart. Thus, consuming olives offer you more than one benefit. You can always apply organic olive oil before you go out under the sun or apply it before bath. Both can help you with many results. However, when it comes to choosing either of the ones, consumption is preferable if you are already using a UV protection sun’s screen.   


Adulthood is recommended to acquire healthy habits. However, if you are a grown-up, you can start your habit from the very day. Natural Olive oil is also prescribed as a substitute for baby oil. If olives are already a part of your diet, you are one step above.


So, are you up for a sunbath this weekend? Do not forget to take your pack of olive oil and apply it thoroughly.    


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